About Us

Shannon and Linda met at St. Anthony’s where their families attended church and both had children in the grade school. Their children were the same age and hung out together, playing sports, doing after school clubs and activities, group projects, and eventually carpooling and spending the night. That is where their friendship began over 20 years ago. 

Fast forward to 2020 and both Shannon and Linda were not working and in the middle of a pandemic, neither of them ready to stop working. The idea for Brunch and more was born. Two good friends talking over some coffee. Testing the waters they decided to work together at a private club cooking breakfast and lunch and dinners to go. They loved what they were doing and so did their customers. It’s truly been their passion to cook for others and watch them enjoy their labors of love in the kitchen. 

Both being residents of Hockessin, Delaware and seeing the need in their community for fresh convenient food that’s grab and go is what made them want to open Brunch and more. Providing food that is made fresh daily, with meats cooked in house, eggs cracked per order and only using fresh quality ingredients. Supporting small local businesses is what they believe is momentous. They are pleased to announce Brunch and more is exclusively using Pike Creek Coffee that is freshly roasted in small batches and is a single origin bean. Brunch and more will bring fresh, homemade, and local food daily. We look forward to serving our community!